I am a Matterport Service Provider and a Google Trusted Street View Photographer. I produce virtual reality tours that you can include on your website. These tours can also be published as interconnected 360 degree panoramic photos on Google Maps, dramatically increasing your business' exposure and bringing Google Street View right into your space!

Virtual Reality Tours for Historic Sites

Built in 1906, Georgetown Steam Plant was one of the first reinforced concrete structures on the West Coast. It provided power to the Interurban Railway, Seattle's streetcars and Georgetown's residents. The building was declared a National Historic Landmark is 1984. I am working with Seattle City Light to capture the facility in 3D, so that those unable to participate in monthly public tours have an opportunity to see the space. This is a work in progress, but you can take a peek at the first floor!

3D Tours for Event Spaces

The Hillman City Collaboratory is a popular venue for everything from concerts to professional workshops to weddings. It also serves as a drop in center during weekday mornings, offering hot meals and a welcoming space to all. As a board member for this non-profit community center, I created the tour below to help event planners visualize the space. It has significantly reduced the need for repeated on-site visits, saving countless volunteer man-hours.

3D Tours for Restaurants

Would you like a pizza to go? A glass of wine at the bar? Step right in! Restaurant virtual reality tours help orient first-time customers to the space before they make reservations or pick up takeout orders. Mioposto even included their menu - and links to their online order form - in this tour. I highly recommend the Breakfast Stromboli! Look carefully and you might catch a glimpse of Rachel :)

Virtual Construction Site Walk Throughs

The creation of this tour was timed to offer a behind-the-walls view of this major renovation project. Job-site virtual reality tours can help document progress and facilitate collaboration among the client, architect, contractor and sub-contractors. 

3D Tours for Real Estate Sales

Open house guests adored the eco-friendly features of this lavish modern home. Its virtual reality tour allowed potential buyers to re-live their visit and share the experience with friends across the world. Speaking of which, Redfin recently reported that as many as 35% of buyers make offers sight-unseen. A 3D walkthrough is the next-best thing to seeing a property in person and can help avoid disappointment. 

Virtual Reality Show & Tell

Architect Jay Lazeritz and contractor Paul Kohl are long-time collaborators who created a fabulous living space out of this home's former basement. They used this tour to tell their story of lifting, reinforcing and adding on to the structure. Pull up a bar stool and join Jay at the kitchen counter!

3D Tours for Multi-Family Properties

There’s a Chinese proverb about a sparrow being perfectly complete, in spite of its small size. So it is with this one-bedroom condo. .As you can see through its 3D tour, this place is move-in ready!

3D Tours for Non-Profits

Jones Community Solutions uses this small retail space to collect donated clothing, which are sold to raise funds for many initiatives benefiting low-income and homeless neighbors.  Do you see Javan working on his Rubik's Cube? Stop by and help him out!

How would you like a virtual reality tour to familiarize future customers and partners with YOUR space? As you see, tours can be added to websites and shared on social media. It's up to you, whether to make a personal cameo, or include photos, videos or text descriptions to highlight your products and services. Interested? Email isabel@beamseattle.com or call/text 206-588-5549 for a free 15-minute demo.